Who Am I

Hi there! My name is Renzo. I am a young independent graphic & motion designer and I am a digital artist based in Amsterdam. I create 3D Art, Artworks, Cover Art, Logos, Intros, Visualizers & Motion Designs. If there is anything you need I got you covered

In 2009 I started creating stopmotion videos using lego. A couple of years later I started editing video game clips. I recieved game footage recorded by my friends and synced them up with music and added some effects. Once I was done with these edits I started creating digital art, such as artworks, Intros, logos, visualizers and vfx and I am still creating these as we speak.


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What I am able to create

3D Modeling

Varies from abstract art to channel intros


I am able to create logos for producers, labels and companies.

Motion Designs

A thing I love to do, create intros, visualizers and vfx.


And many more things, check them out below!


Portfolio   Motion Design 

How I am able to help you


Need a new or unique identity, a design that people will remember? I got you covered! I am able to create unique banners and logos.

Customer Friendly

I am always able to help you and I am really flexible. Want a little thing changed? I can do that for you!

Use My Works

Would you like to use my works? Feel free to contact me and we might be able to arrange something!